About SkillsCloud.net

SkillsCloud.net is an online training service operated by CreativityCorp, an Australian company specialising in mobile computing and online training, providing products and services worldwide, with clients in over 50 countries.

SkillsCloud.net enables employers, training providers and product suppliers to provide cost-effective training and assessment online, in a secure environment. The service is based on the concept and practice of 'cloud computing', whereby users can access powerful computing services hosted on the Internet without having to purchase software themselves and run the software on their own servers. Using services provided by 'cloud computing' also means world class services can be accessed without requiring specialised computing support 'in house' for that service; the provider of the service in and from the 'clouds' is delivering the specialised service, support and upgrades.

CreativityCorp has supplied online training software systems since 2002, for specific clients to own and run their training services for staff and purchasers of products. Going forward from 2010 and beyond, we believe a 'cloud computing' based service will be more attractive and effective, and we are proud to offer SkillsCloud.net for your training requirements.

Cost: The cost of subscription to SkillsCloud is AU$10 per Member per year, with volume discounts of 2 to 50 10%, 51 to 100 20%, 101 to 200 30%, 201 to 500 40%, more than 500 50%. Members within a Clients subscription are classified by the Client as Managers and Trainees. Subscription is paid in advance by arrangement with CreativityCorp based on estimate by the Client of Members to be registered during the year.

Free Trial: Please contact CreativityCorp to enjoy a no obligation 30 day Free Trial of SkillsCloud.net.

Client Manager Functions

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SkillsCloud is a business name registered in Australia by CreativityCorp Pty Ltd.

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