Terms of Service and Use

Service Provided

Welcome to SkillsCloud at www.SkillsCloud.net , a hosted service for delivery of training via the Internet. By using SkillsCloud you agree to our Terms of Service and Use.

CreativityCorp Pty Ltd (CreativityCorp) through SkillsCloud provides an environment within which our customers, referred to as 'Clients' can develop and present resources for training and assessment of 'Trainees'. Within the Client facility the Client assigns both access and responsibilities to Managers, who manage Trainees and their access to SkillsCloud.

The software that runs SkillsCloud has been developed by CreativityCorp, and CreativityCorp is responsible for maintaining SkillsCloud. CreativityCorp will, as necessary and desirable, provide enhancements to software at SkillsCloud to maintain and improve the experience of users.

SkillsCloud is hosted and delivered by CreativityCorp on a powerful server in the United States of America. CreativityCorp's software and database used to provide SkillsCloud services, including records of Clients, Managers, Trainees and Course content, is backed up automatically on the server on a daily basis.

CreativityCorp will endeavour to ensure all services at SkillsCloud are functional and to rectify any breakdowns in the SkillsCloud service as soon as possible. Please report any breakdowns by email to contact@creativitycorp.com and include 'SkillsCloud' in the Subject line.

CreativityCorp provides the services at SkillsCloud in good faith in the Terms of Service stated here, including maintenance of databases holding Course content. However, CreativityCorp accepts no responsibility for the specific content of Courses developed and presented by Clients, nor for the outcomes from use of Courses developed by Clients. CreativityCorp has no liability to any third parties who may claim to be damaged by content of Courses developed and presented by Clients.

CreativityCorp will provide Clients with notification by email of the date for renewal of subscription to SkillsCloud services. If subscription to services is not renewed by 30 days following the date for renewal of subscription, access to SkillsCloud by the Client will be withdrawn and CreativityCorp may delete content of Courses held by the Client.

CreativityCorp reserves a right to discontinue services at SkillsCloud. However, services to subscribing Clients will not be discontinued without 30 days notice to Clients and appropriate consideration in regard to refund of balance of subscription fees paid in advance for and within the year of discontinuation of service.

The relationship between CreativityCorp and the Client shall be governed by the laws of the State of Western Australia.


The Client acknowledges and accepts the conditions at 'Service Provided', by which the SkillsCloud service is provided by CreativityCorp.

The Client should make a copy of content of Courses and Assessment questions they present at SkillsCloud for further storage outside of the SkillsCloud hosting environment.

The Client is responsible for the content of Courses developed and presented by them within SkillsCloud, including, but not limited to any breaches of copyright laws that may apply to content. 

The Client must not knowingly and intentionally publish content in Courses whereby the application of which by Trainees could breach laws of the State of Western Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia (jurisdictions in which CreativityCorp is incorporated), and the United States of America (where SkillsCloud is hosted). For example, intentionally train persons to undertake illegal activity.

Links made by the Client from Course content to other third party web sites are the responsibility of the Client and CreativityCorp will not be responsible for any liability or damages arising from linking.